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Our Services

We offer following piping engineering / mechanical engineering services,

Piping Engineering:-

  • Piping Layout Engineering.(Piping Plan, Isometric, Support standard preparation)
  • Pipe stress analysis (Piping Stress Analysis, Piping flexibility Analysis) using CAESAR II.
  • Stress analysis of IBR Steam piping (Steam Lines under Indian Boiler Regulation for chemical and power plants) , Pipe stress calculation report for IBR submission,
  • Analysis for attachments to pressure vessels using Finite Element Analysis.
  • Stress analysis of GRP/FRP Lines
  • Special support detailing using AUTO CAD
  • Duct Design.

Training Services:-

Training Services in piping layout and piping stress analysis for mechanical engineers in consulting engineering companies and engineering / plant maintenance engineers of existing plants. Clients include some top MNC consulting companies in India and state owned refineries in UAE.

Troubleshooting in existing plants for various piping and mechanical failures like,

–    Piping leakage

–    Pipe Vibration

–    Flange leakage

–    Expansion joint failure (Over Elongation and Over Compression due

to  wrong selection of bellow or wrong bellow component design)

–    Spring failure (Over compression of spring / component failure)

–    Elbow Failure (Cracks at elbow or at trunnion joints)

–    TEE Failure

–    Pipe support failure (Cracks on pipes at guides and line stops)

–    Uneven movement of piping during thermal expansion (Shoes falling

off the structure)

–    Vessel to nozzle joint failure, ( Leakage from shell to nozzle joint)

–   Failure at attachments to vessel and column.(Failure of lifting

trunnion, piping / platform cleats)

–    Pump Failure. (pump vibration)

–   Frequent pump bearing failure

–    Frequent pump seal failure

–    High pump misalignment

–    Noisy pump operation,

–    Line vibration due to wind

–    Vibration in turbine lines (Turbine vibration)

and other mechanical failures related to high temp piping.